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Information about Talents and crafting? [Jun. 16th, 2010|06:12 pm]
Warhammer Online


Hey all. wow, not much going on here...

I've been looking through the official sites for some information about the talents and the crafting in the game but I have been unable to find anything.

Is there really no official information about these two, I would've thought, important aspects of the game?

[User Picture]From: paeroka
2010-06-17 08:40 am (UTC)
Then maybe this: http://www.wardb.com/ is something for you? (--> "Tools" has a Career and a Renown Builder)

I don't know it it's updated, though. And maybe there are addons that at least lets you see all the talent trees in game? I thought there was something like this back when I was still playing. You couldn't put any points into the talent trees but at least you could have a look at them without standing next to a career trainer.

In 2012, there'll be Warhammer40k Dark Millenium. Maybe that one will be different... :) I'm at least following the news about the game. Of course, I didn't know about Warhammer before WAR was released (or rather, my boyfriend had told me about Warhammer but I hadn't known anything about it. Now I own a few little figures to paint and put on a shelf... or maybe even play one day. But it's expensive, so that'll have to wait a bit ^^).
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